Meet our Founder and President, Marshall Tuck

As a graduate of Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business with a degree in both
Economics and Finance, Marshall was always interested in how businesses work.

Marshall Tuck

Marshall has :

  • Been a certified Workday implementer
  • Finished multiple full life cycle implementations
  • Led various “go-live” implementations
  • Taken intensive training courses

Real-world experience with these Workday Functional Areas:

  • Functional — Position Management
  • Integrations — Development and Testing
  • EIB Data Loads
  • Third Party Payroll
  • Configurable Security
  • Business Processes
  • Report Writer
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CASE STUDY #1: Global payroll



A large global client was introducing Workday with a big implementation partner and a small internal team. The client needed leadership, execution and extensive integration testing in a short amount of time. This was a complicated situation thanks to the payroll integrating with employees in a European country with strict regulations.  


Marshall Tuck was brought in on a specific scope of work to help the client. His job was to use Workday to integrate with the payroll system and test the integration to make sure that the system would process the 100% accurate payroll to employees in Germany. Unit testing, system testing and integration testing were all done by Marshall.  


Tuck Solutions took the burden off the small internal team. Testing was done in the required time and the result was a huge compliance win for the client. And, 8,000 employees got their paychecks with no issues.
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CASE STUDY #2: Brand new implementation



A national car company made the decision to change over to Workday and didn’t have anyone on staff who had any previous experience with the software. The company needed to have a smooth transition without interruptions to business.  


Marshall Tuck was brought in to help facilitate the changeover. His experience allowed him to play a key role in design decisions; gave the client a clear perspective on using Workday; and played lead role in the changeover from the old system to Workday. Tuck also put together an implementation plan and trained the internal team on the Workday system.  


Utilizing Marshall as the subject matter expert, the 25,000-employee corporation is now running Workday for everything from payroll to hiring.

Specialized Workday Consultants:
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